Young Hustler! Andile Dube

7 Oct 2016

Andile Dube is a 27 year old property developer who finds old buildings in Johannesburg and restores them, but he also uses a comic book to share stories of young entrepreneurs.

His comic book "Young Hustla" is aimed at generating awareness among youth in South Africa about the opportunities that come from entrepreneurship.

Currently we are selling it (comic), it retails for R 50, per's quite pricey but what we're looking at is different models in terms of distributing it for free.

— Andile Dube, Publisher "Young Hustla"
We are aiming it at younger people, specifically focusing on high schools to first to second year varsity students because what we've found is a huge youth unemployment problem in South Africa...society is perpetuating this ideology that we need to send our kids to school and after school they will get this promised land of jobs.

— Andile Dube, Publisher "Young Hustla"

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